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About Us

Since last fifteen years we run our organization in t he name of M/s  S.V.Electricals and we are dealing with manufacturing of electrical and all tacking electrical contract plus contultancy regarding  the same. Our group is experience of servicing customers from various industries.
We are associated with manufacturing power control center, motor control center, automatic power factor correction panel, auto main failure panel, and bus duct and distribution board. The designing, drawing, manufacturing is done in house keeping in mind the current BIS and IES standard in force. The manufacturing is done as per ISO norms system and procedure. The company has reputation of achieving its jobs as per schedule and at many times exceeded the customer expectation.
We are also associated with maintains of electrical works and panel board fittings as per the requirement of the customers.
Our organization also knows that success in this market requires a focused commitment and quality workmanship with world class installation standard.
Our plans in could become a dominant market leader in our focused business each having a synergy to help in jointly achieving ours and our coustomer’s goals and objectives.
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Name of the company

M/s S. V. Electricals

Status of the company



Gala No. 1A, Budhya Jadhav Wadi,
Opp. L & T Gate No.7, Saki vihar ,
Road, Powai, Andheri  (E),
Mumbai 400 072.
Tel 022 285 77 414
Email Id svengg@rediffmail.com


VAT 27300836699 V 06-06-2011
CST 27300836699 C 06-06-2011


Control Panel & Swichgear Manufacturing Association

Product Range

  • Power Control Center.
  • Motor Control Center.
  • A.P.F.C Panel.
  • D.G. Panel
  • A.M.F. Panel
  • Lighting Distribution Board
  • Feeder Pillar Panel
  • Desk Type Panel
  • Busduct & Cable Tray.

Factory Area

3000 Sq Ft.

Office Area

500 Sq Ft.

Machinary Available

  • Hand Press
  • Pillar Drilling Machine
  • Power Operated Cutter
  • Welding Machine
  • Shearing Machine
  • Hand Drill Machine
  • Tapping Machine
  • Grinder Machine
  • Blower
  • Weighting Machine
  • Hydraulic Crimping Machine
  • Febrication Tools & Tackles

- 2 no.
- 2 no.
- 2 no.
- 2 no.
- 2 no.
- 2 no.
- 2 no.
- 2 no.
- 2 no.
- 2 no.
- 2 no.
- 2 no.



  • Engineers
  • Draught’man
  • Supervisor
  • Electrician
  • Fitter
  • Unskilled Worker

4 no.
2 no.
4 no.
8 no.
5 no.
9 no.

Fabrication Unit


  • Engineers
  • Febricatiors
  • Welders
  • Unskilled Worker

3 no.
4 no.
3 no.
5 no.

Beside these, we hire manpower on contract basis depending on the workload And requirement.

Source Of Raw Material

From reputed authorized of Bombay market such as:
For L & T Switchgear


  • M/s Industrial Engineers
  • M/s Cosmos Electric Corporation
  • M/s Andhra electric & engg. Co.


Quality of Finished  Product:
Panel are fabricated using high quality CRCA sheet steel of 14 & 16 SWG. The design and construction take care of load of switchgear and bus bar component, Specified short circuit withstand capacity, sample space for terminating cables, easy access for maintenance protection from live busbar and terminal.

Is maintained as per IS : 2147 standards. The gasket used around the periphery of all removable door and covers. Generally the panel are compartmentalized with separate chamber for live busbar and live cable terminal Normally we use 75x75x5 mm thick M.S. channel for Base frame.

Powder Coating :
The panel will be pre-treated before powder coating by using seven tank process, for better quality and reliability. This process involves decreasing, drusting, phosphating etc. along with cold water rinsing. This process will be followed by colour sprayed and the panel an acathically pleasing appearance free from dents and unseven surface.

All the component used in the panels are inspected properly for quality and technical specification before assembling. The busbar used are of electrolytic grade (Aluminium or Copper) supported firmlu on nonhygroscopic Epoxy insulator of adequate capacity. Busbar joined are cleaned and applied with conductive greaseto avoid temperature rise at joints, busbar are insulated with PVC heat shrinkable sleeves. For earthing purpose sepreate busbar is used running throught length of the panel with terminating arrangement. We use 660/1100 V grade PVC insulated flexble copper conductor panel of are highest quality and workmanship. Switchgear assembly will confirm to IS:  8623 & IS 275

Type tests conducted
50 KVshort circuit withstand test on 1000 AMP at CPRI India, Bhopal.
IP 65 degree of protection as per ISO 13947 (part 1) : 1993 at IDEMI Mumbai.


  • Air – Conditioning Industries.
  • Solvent Extraction Plants
  • Vegetable Oil Refinery
  • Rice Mills.
  • Sugar Mills.
  • Hydraullic Power Presses.

We undertake turkey electrification Project involving entire design engineering , supply cable laying erection and commissioning. We assure you will give quality of workmanship material to entire satisfaction, If you may give an opportunity to us. We are furnishing here with our fully satisfied customers list for your reference.
We have computerized drawing (CAD) facility for preparing general arrangement line diagram Schematics and other related drawing